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Thruxton Race Circuit

48 Stonehenge, Wiltshire (c) Dave White

Historic Stonehenge


Beautiful City of Salisbury

The Race circuit is only 5 minutes away from The Annexe @ Elmbank B&B.  Thruxton Motorsport Centre is a motor-racing circuit located near the village of Thruxton in Hampshire, England which hosts motorsport events including British Touring Cars and Formula 3 racing. 

We are 10 Minutes from the world heritage site of Stonehenge. Famous today for the annual summer and winter solstices, when thousands gather to watch the sun rise and set, questions still exist as to the origin and purpose of this iconic monument. 

At the city’s heart is Salisbury Cathedral, a beacon that has attracted visitors for centuries and continues to do so today. Gathered around the Cathedral is a modern medieval city, full of buildings crafted with the care of another age. Here history is brought to life by modern and original events, culture and activities.

Commuting, holidaying or just visiting the area, this could be your ideal place to stay
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